Long Stroke Hydraulic Door Pusher

The HDP11 Long Stroke Hydraulic Door Pusher is the latest advancement in breaching technology. This tool was designed to give breachers the power needed to effortlessly breach commercial and residential doors. This tool is compatible with Rapid Assault Tools manual and electro-hydraulic power units.


The HDP11 Long Stroke Door Pusher is the latest evolution in door pusher technology. This tool

features totally redesigned blades that allow operators to exploit even the tightest gaps. The tool can

be used on inward, outward, right, and left hand swing doors. The stepped serrations allow the tool

to grip the door panel on outward breaches. The HDP11 was designed with 11 inches of throw giving

it the capability needed to breach even the most fortified doors in one single push. A high-quality gas

spring allows the system to quickly retract giving operators the ability to move to secondary breaches

quickly and effortlessly. The hydraulic hose connector is on a swivel allowing the operator to stay

outside of the fatal funnel while making the system 100% ambidextrous. Available tool handle allows

the operator greater control when setting the tool. The tool handle also allows the HDP11 to quickly

be hung on the operators cummerbund, securely stowing the tool for future breaches while also

keeping the Breachers hands free for other tasks. Available light mount allows for attachment of any

picatinny mounted flashlight for low light operations.


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