Electro Hydraulic Breaching Tools

Hydraulic Breaching Tools

Lightweight, Quiet, Hydraulics Designed Specifically For Special Operations Environments

Rapid Assault Tools

Training Aids

Be Prepared.
Reusable Breaching Doors and Windows That Provide Realistic Forced Entry Training With Low Total Cost of Ownership.

Rapid Assault Tools

Tactical Ladders

Extra Heavy Duty, Ultra Portable

for Extreme Conditions.

Rampak Pro Mechanical Heavy Breaching Kit

Mechanical Breaching Tools

Mechanical and Hydraulic Force Entry Tool Kits.
Quality, Innovation, and Value Are Built Into Every Tool.

First Responders

Always Ready!
Multi-Function, Innovative Breaching Tools Designed for Forced Entry.

Electro Hydraulic Breaching Kit

Battery Powered Hydraulic Breaching Kits

Battery Powered Hydraulic Breaching Kits allow operators to quietly gain access to barricaded targets with just the push of a button.

Rams, entry kits, hydraulic jamb spreaders all get you in quickly and reliably. Training doors and windows so the entire force can improve their skills.

Portable ram packs, telescoping SOPS bar, titanium prybars, explosive training doors are all developed for military use.

Halligan bars, hydraulic spreader kits, and hydraulic bolt cutters clear the path quickly. Reusable training door allows all types of forced entry including hydraulic spreaders.

Our Products in Action

There is no substitute for practice! Our doors and windows provide realistic forced entry training with a low total cost of ownership. Design, innovation, and product quality are built into the USA-made breaching tool products.