Hydraulic Spreader Wedge

Powerful hydraulic spreader quickly and quietly open security doors, window grills, car doors and
trucks, etc. Compact and easy to use, the tool provides 3 tons of spreading force and has a 4”
stroke. This tool is the perfect balance of size, opening force and value.
This remote spreader requires a hydraulic pump to operate. The RatWedgeTM can be ordered
separately or with a manual pump and 6 foot long hose.

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Spreader specifications:

Rated Load: 3 tons (2,720 Kg) at blade tips
Closed blade height: 0.16 inch (4 mm)
Extended blade height: 4.14 inch (10,5 cm)
Arm Width: 2.5 inch ((6.4 cm)
Length: 11 inch (28 cm)
Working Pressure: 10,000psi (700 bar)
Weight: 7 lbs (3.2 Kg)
HS4 (RatWedge only)
HS4-P (Includes hydraulic pump and 6’ hose)


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