Hydraulic Rebar and Cable Cutter

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Guillotine style cutter reduces risk of jams when compared to shear style cutting jaws.
  • Large cutting capacity (Wire Rope and Rebar up to 0.63″)
  • Durable user replaceable blades
  • 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Power Unit Required


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The Hydraulic Rebar and Cable Cutter (HRC624) integrates into any Rapid Assault Tools 10,000psi hydraulic power unit (manual or electro-hydraulic). The tool features a hinged head allowing for quick cable or bar insertion. The replaceable blade cuts materials cleanly. Suitable for rebar and wire rope (steel cable). When pressure is released the internal spring quickly re-sets the tool allowing for multiple cuts back to back. The cutting blade is user replaceable.

The ability to cut through cable and rebar is paramount for tactical breaching teams, serving as a critical skillset in various high-stakes scenarios. Cable and rebar are commonly encountered obstacles in heavy breaching situations, often employed as security measures or structural components in fortified environments (Dragons Teeth, Concrete Barricades, masonry walls). Being able to swiftly and precisely sever these materials is crucial for gaining access, neutralizing threats, or extricating individuals from hazardous situations. Tactical teams rely on this capability not only to breach barriers but also to navigate through complex environments with efficiency and minimal disruption. Whether it’s for creating entry points, clearing pathways, or conducting rescue operations, the skill to cut cable and rebar stands as a foundational element in the arsenal of tactical breaching teams, enabling them to adapt and overcome diverse challenges they may encounter.

HRC625_Data_Sheet  Download



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