This extendable window break and rake is safe and easy to use. Featuring a tungsten carbide tip and a squared off edge making it easy to effectively break rake a window opening. The tool can be stored in the collapsed position of 19 inches and extends to a full 30 inches.


WBRX30 PDF Data Sheet


Innovative telescoping window breaker for real world use. This compact tool quickly and easily extends for full power break and rake operations. The Tungsten Carbide tip is perfect for shattering a variety of glass types including laminated automotive glass. After the initial hole is made in the glass, the square raking section allows the user to rake out the remaining glass shards. The user’s hands are protected from the breaking glass and other dangerous objects by a 4-inch diameter plastic hand guard. The tool is normally carried in the closed and locked position. To use, the user depresses two buttons and pulls the lower tube out until it automatically locks into position. To close, the user depresses the same buttons and slides the lower tube back into the closes position. 


WBRX30 PDF Data Sheet

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Coyote Tan, Black, Multi-Cam, Olive Drab


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