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Breaching Training Window

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Product Variants

  • Breaching Training Window - 4840 ()
  • Breaching Training Window - 4840-FS ()
  • Breaching Training Window - 4840-WALL ()

Product Summary

Rapid Assault Tools introduces the finest training window available!

  • Train for window breaching without the cost, clean up and hazards of conventional windows breaches
  • This innovative training device reinforces the break and rake entry method
  • The operator first "breaks" the reusable window in
  • Next, the student must rake out the "shards" before making entry
  • After entry is made, the re-usable window and shards are returned quickly and easily to their original position awaiting the next scenario
  • Rapid Assault Tools offers several window sizes or will custom engineer windows for your existing dwelling
  • This window can also be used with a free standing leg kit for temporary installations (TW4840FS)

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Product Description

Breaching Training Window - TW4840

Rapid Assault Tools introduces the finest breaching training window available!

Train for window entries without the cost, clean up or hazards that glass windows cause. The window frame is constructed of high strength powder coated steel and the panel is made from nearly indestructible Lexan® 1. Our breaching training window is designed and manufactured to your window size allowing for perfect fit.

After “breaking” the window in, the operator must “rake” out the steel shards before making entry. After entry is made, the shards and reusable “glass” are easily returned to their original position awaiting the next scenario.

Some of the benefits associated with the window are: no replacement glass, no glass fragments, no down time. Window can be installed into your facility, used free standing with optional leg kit or wall panel. For applications where real glass is required, we offer a training window designed to accommodate single use glass panes.

We offer a free standing training window with a brick facade wall to add realism.

Product Offerings

  • Permanent Install Training Window TW4840
  • Free Standing Training Window TW4840-FS
  • Free Standing with brick facade TW4840-WALL
  • For use with glass panels TW4840-GLASS

Free standing training window with wall / TL17 tactical assault ladder combination package now available!

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Product Attributes

  • Choose Options: 4840, 4840-FS, 4840-WALL


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