The Halligan RatBar™ is an absolute must for every entry team. This single piece, dropped forged Halligan bar has superior durability for years of service. This engineered bar has features designed in that make all the difference when it matters most.

One of the most popular entry tools, the Halligan RatBar (available in 30″ & 24″) and is single piece forged construction, using a high strength alloy for superior durability. This multipurpose tool makes for quick work on doors, locks, hinges, windows, etc. Bar is available in various lengths with or without a spike.

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  • Single piece forged construction has no welds or pinned joints to loosen or break.
  • The ads and fork ends are designed with over drive indicator marks to improve efficiency.
  • The Octagon shaped bar ensures the operator always has good control of the tool, even in wet conditions.


  • Available lengths: 24” (61 cm) or 30” (76 cm)
  • Drop forged with high carbon steel, fully heat treated
  • Coated in tactical black (Chrome plated available)
  • Made in the USA
  • Spike is 4.5” long
  • Fork can be used as gas shutoff tool


Part Numbers:

  • PB24 — 24” Halligan RatBar
  • PB30 — 30” Halligan RatBar
  • PB24-S — 24” Halligan RatBar with spike
  • PB30-S — 30” Halligan RatBar with spike


  • 24” RatBar – 7.4 LBS | 3.3 KG
  • 30” RatBar – 9.0 LBS | 4.1 KG
  • 24” RatBar with spike – 8.2 LBS | 3.7 KG
  • 30” RatBar with spike – 9.4 LBS | 4.3 KG


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