This heavy duty door breaching battering ram has a high strength cast alloy steel body.

  • UHMW impact disk on front surface ensures that this tool will hold up to repeat uses
  • Includes 2 Kevlar handles for additional versatility
  • Optional Heavy duty adjustable nylon shoulder strap
  • Coated in tactical black

BR35-2 PDF Data Sheet

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Introducing the Door Breaching Battering Ram, a game-changer in tactical breaching operations. Crafted with robust cast steel construction, this battering ram ensures unparalleled durability and strength, capable of withstanding rigorous use in demanding scenarios. Its innovative design incorporates Kevlar over mounted handles, providing a secure and ergonomic grip for optimal control and reduced recoil. What sets it apart further is the inclusion of replaceable heads, allowing for swift and cost-effective maintenance, ensuring peak performance over extended missions. This battering ram is the embodiment of reliability, efficiency, and adaptability, empowering law enforcement and military personnel with a tool that surpasses expectations in kinetic breaching precision and endurance.

The two handled Door Breaching Battering Ram is a full 35 lb. ram with only a 18.3” length.

Conventional 35 lb. rams are over 40” long and bulky to carry or transport. The body of the Door Breaching Battering Ram is single piece construction for rigidity and durability. The ram face is fabricated from solid Ultra-High Molecular Weight Plastic reducing the threat of sparks and re-coil.

Two flexible reinforced handles optimize control of this powerful ram. Coated in tactical black.

Catalog # BR35-2

BR35-2 PDF Data Sheet

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