Training Courses

Breaching training courses  and preparation is required for today’s military, law enforcement, and first responders  like never before. We offer comprehensive courses that are designed to improve participants’ critical thinking skills and decision-making ability under stressful conditions. Available courses focus on all types of forced entry methods, evaluation of available tools and working through realistic scenarios. The following are two courses that are currently available:

Mechanical Breacher Course

This course is designed to provide tactical operators with the tools and skills necessary to effectively analyze a target and determine the safest and most effective means of providing a positive breach. Participants will receive hands on practice with the techniques listed below.

Topics will include target analysis, tools and equipment, mission planning and advantages/limitations of specific breaching methods. Targets will include doors (inward and reverse opening)-wood/aluminum clad/steel/mobile home/security doors/windows and garage doors.

Breaching Techniques Covered

  • Mechanical breaching techniques overview
  • Cut-saw/chainsaw breaching
  • Bolt and wire cutter application
  • Hydraulic breaching techniques
  • Thermal (torch) breaching
  • Ballistic (shotgun) breaching
  • Security door vehicle pulls

Explosive Breaching Certification Course

This course is designed to certify the breacher in explosive breaching techniques. The instructors are subject matter experts with scores of real world explosive breaches. Instructors will cover theory, practice, procedures and other topics. Many come from the ranks of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) as Team Master Breachers.

Training Topics

  • Explosive Breaching Overview
  • Over-Pressure and Blast Theory
  • Demo and Detonator Types
  • Charge Calculations
  • Charge Constructions
  • Tactical Placement and Procedures
  • Misfire Procedures
  • Alternate Breaching techniques
  • Tactical Considerations and Deployment

Additional topics can be added to customize these courses if desired as the instructors are subject matter experts with scores of real world mechanical and explosive breaches experiences.

Contact us to for more information about attending a local one of our Breaching Training Courses or hosting a training session in your area.

Tactical team training on TD8040-FS training door for breaching entry force entry forcible entry