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Product Variants

  • RatWedge™ ()
  • RatWedge™ ()

Product Summary

RatWedge™ is a hydraulic spreader that is excellent for opening doors, hoods or trunks.

  • Requires a hydraulic pump
  • Coated in tactical black
  • 3 Ton capacity
  • Capable of opening doors, window grills, gates, vehicle entries and security bars

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Product Description

This 3 ton hydraulic spreader wedge opens 4" (10.1cm) under full load and is capable of opening doors, window grills, gates, vehicle entries and security bars. The blade tips are a thin ⅛" (3mm) to get into the tightest gaps. Machined barbs on the blades help keep the tool fully engaged while opening. Spring return closes tool automatically.

Compact and easy to use, the tool provides 3 tons of spreading force and has a 4” stroke. This tool is the perfect balance of size, opening force and value.

Tool requires hydraulic pump to operate. RatWedge can be ordered separately or with pump and 6' hose.

Pump handle is spring loaded for use with hand or foot.

Hydraulic Spreader Wedge specifications:

  • Rated Load: 3 ton (6,000 lbs)
  • Closed Arm Height: 1/2"
  • Extended Arm Height: 3-3/4"
  • Arm Width: 2-1/4"
  • Overall Height: 2" when closed
  • Length: 6-1/2"
  • Closed Working Pressure: 10000psi
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Catalog #: HS4 (RatWedge only)
  • HS4-P (Includes hydraulic pump and 6' hose)

RatWedge PDF  Data Sheet 1

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Product Attributes

  • Choose Options: HS4 RatWedge™, HS4-P HS4 RatWedge™ with Pump
  • Color: Tactical Black


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