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Battering Ram Breaching Door

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Battering Ram Breaching Door

The innovative Battering Ram Breaching Door allows for continual forced entry training without the high costs associated with specialized consumables.
The Ram version of the TD8036 is an inward opening door that can be installed into a structure or used with an optional free-standing leg kit. The door itself is constructed of structural steel and measures 80” x 34”. The frame is also fabricated from structural steel and measures 84” x 40”. 16 gauge steel skin is welded to door for superior durability and rigidity. A 3/8” thick steel strike plate allows for continued battering ram hits.

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Door uses low cost, pine wood inserts to create realistic breach resistance. These inserts are easy to load into the door and easy to clear after a forced entry. Also, by varying the shape of the “deadbolt pin”, the amount of resistance can be varied! Operators can simulate residential, industrial and reinforced door breaches with the same door and inserts! The wood inserts can be purchased from Rapid Assault Tools or sourced from a local lumber yard and cut to length.

Battering Ram Breaching Door PDF Data Sheet

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