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Pry Breaching Training Door

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Product Summary

  • Designed specifically for outward swinging prybar entry scenarios
  • Same manufactured quality as the All in One RatDoor™, the pry RatDoor™ provides operator realistic resistance while making the entry
  • Door is designed to be installed in a dwelling however a free-standing leg kit is available (FSLK)

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Product Description

Pry Breaching Training Door


The innovative Pry Breaching Training Door is an outward opening door that allows for continued prybar breaches without the high cost of specialized consumables. This high quality training door is the most realistic pry door on the market. Unlike other training doors, the operator targets and operates the prybar (Hallagan bar) directly into the door/frame gap. The unique patent-pending jamb section deflects as the operator pries the door open. After a realistic forced entry is made, the door can be immediately reset for next training scenario.

No consumables are required! The door is constructed of structural steel and measures 80” x 32”. The frame is also fabricated from structural steel and measures 82” x 38”. 16 gauge steel skin is welded to door frame for superior durability and rigidity. Made in the USA and powder coated for long life. 2

TD8036-P Pry RatDoor (No leg kit)
FSLK Leg Kit

TD8036-P PDF Data Sheet 3

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